I had the best day yesterday with my family! My haters tried hard ruining it for me early on, but my sights were focused on seeing Peyton. With the reassurance of love and support from my sweet husband, I carried on. 

Peyton played so hard! She always plays hard! She was so frustrated to lose both games. She does not like to lose! That baby is the libero for her team too! Barry said he expected that. She is such an excellent athlete! She will dive for that ball, face first! 

I am thankful for the sacrifices my sister and brother in law make for her. They both came straight from work. The second game was not over until after 9, and we did not all leave until 9:30 ish. They have three, including Peyton, and they had to get up this morning, and do it all over again. I remember those days when I was single, and worked outside of the home. It is a lot to handle with one, let alone three. I appreciate them stepping up to allow Peyton the fresh start she so needed!

It was funny when we were leaving. Peyton got in the car to ride with her Uncle Danny, and Danyka, his daughter got in the car with her Momma Susie. I loved that! It touches my heart when people love you, and welcome you, especially without any biological connection. We are all family. There is no biological connection between Danny and Peyton, nor Susie and Danyka, but they choose each other still. That is love, and family. 

Check out Miss Peyton! She is in the green. I mean it when I say, watch for her to play for UGA one day! Number 21. I love her dearly. I am so thankful for her. I am thankful for my family to be put back together again. We never really learned healthy conflict resolution skills, besides kicking ass, and taking names later. I am thankful we set aside all the BS, and started fresh. I love my sister, and her family. I have missed her. We are so much alike too. She makes me feel close to my brother too. He would be so happy! The best thing, Peyton saw a major deal of forgiveness. I have always taught my kids love, not hate. I get pissed sometimes, when I am hurt, always. I have written things sometimes that I really mean, but not the way I say them necessarily. I have always been able to come to a good resolve in my head.

Here are a few pictures and videos. I look like I have a fever blister, but it is the lighting. 

We had the best time! I laughed more than I have in a long time! We enjoyed a local Mexican Restaurant between games. I can’t wait until next time! Next Monday! 

To my family! Cheers! ✌🏻πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸΊ



Ninth Brim

I love this baby! She sent me this picture today, from the other day fishing at a pond beside her house. Her ninth brim. Her daddy would be so proud! Fishing was his favorite thing to do! She is fishing today too. She loves fishing also! I cannot wait to squeeze this baby girl tomorrow, and watch her play in two volleyball games! How I miss her! ❀️