A Country Boy Can Survive

Threats by song. A Country Boy Can Survive she would play loudly over and over to us! Constant slamming of doors, blabbing weird fucking noises, the mom having her kids participate. You don’t do that now bitch! Just remember, I grew up kicking fucking ass and taking names later, a survival mode! We both grew up country boys! The difference, we are intelligent country boys, with a moral compass!

Don’t Hate Me

My niece told me my neighbor Jennifer, and Erin, a school teacher at Fairview Elementary School always made fun of me, always wondering what I am doing, and called me names in front of her. I’m sorry your hard ass lives make you hate me. Anyone can be a school teacher. Try something real, and yo wouldn’t have to punch a clock for peanuts. My niece told me Erin refers to me as the crazy. A school teacher. Imagine how she may treat your child! Honey, looking at your back fat, that’s crazy!! You and the fat court reporter, even her kid is a fat ass! I am far from crazy, I just don’t put up with bullies like you people. Wait until your sickly baby gets older, and he will get what you deserve! He will be done just like you did me. It will break your heart! Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful! Hate me because I’m a bitch!!!!

Two Faced Bitch

I have a picture of her daughter’s bedroom my niece took to show me, and boy! It will be in my book! She needs to parent her household more, and not worry about mine at all! Check out this lying two faced bitch, Jennifer Ellis! She works at Bard behind QT in Covington! I’m going to see her boss with my videos, plus a client of ours is a big wig at Bard! I’m calling him tomorrow!

Wait for It

Ride those four wheelers today! They are made for 16 year olds and up! I hope they crash and die on them! I have you all on good video yesterday purposely harassing me. If your cat comes back in my yard, you will never see her again! Did you ever any of you miss your poor pitiful sadly abused cancerous white barn cat? You suck for abusing that cat! You suck for abusing horses like you do! Wait for animal control to come check it out!

Bullying Bitch

It’s okay you bullying bitch that you made a point to stay home this weekend instead of the trailer where you belong! You have to punch a clock so you won’t be here long, nor will Barney Fife, your little boy looking husband. I have a connection who works with you. I’m calling him tomorrow! If I can get your fat ass fired for sucking as a person, I am! Then, you can’t afford the house on a General Mills pay check. You can’t afford it now! You will get your payback you mean bitch! It won’t have anything to do with me doing it, it will have everything to do with me praying for God to take you out of this world! Erin too, I’m calling the board to see what Fairview thinks about her fat ass too!