In the makeup


I cherish this picture! He was my buddy. This is me and Whalon in the makeup as children.


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  1. He beat IV meth drug addiction after years in 2007. I was so proud of that! His autopsy report revealed he was sober too. He never beat that damaged little boy who wanted out so desperately though. That is a major demon of mine. I know those voices in his head, like the letter you wrote talking to yourself, that self talk, because of abuse. The voice who tells you you’re an idiot, in your words, stupid, in mine. I tried so hard to help him. He always chose bottom of the bucket females because he did not think he deserved anything good. They fueled his C-PTSD like gas to fire.

    1. Thank you. Yes, me and my brother, Whalon. We were only 20 months apart in age. When he was little, he had a speech impediment. We were so close that I was the only one who could understand him at times. We were like twins, really. I miss him terribly! I have almost joined him a few times. I’m glad I didn’t. He would be proud of me for making it this far. I never thought I could do it.

      1. I feel like he is. I do. That gives me hope too. You would not believe the ignorant people who have told me he was in hell because of suicide. I guess I was in shock, because normally, I would have unleashed hell on them. Lol

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