3 thoughts on “Deep thoughts

  1. you write well and have much talent. but who, pray tell me, who gave you the key to the city of despair? you are now a grown woman and no longer the victim. i can tell by your posts that you have the intellegence and knowledge to rise on up out of this, so why don’ you? i am not asking to be a smart assI am asking because I want toNo

    Have you another beer, Sharon. 😘

    1. You are the reason people suffer in silence. I am a victim, grown woman, old woman, or not. The city of despair, what a bitch you are to say that. How dare you. You have no idea what my life has consisted of or how I have overcome so much to appear normal for those people like you who shame us for something we had no control over. By far do I live in despair. I have an excellent life, besides the recent harassment and slander from my parents and sibling. Please take a course on human development to answer your question as to why I blame my parents. Then you will not make ignorant comments like you made to me. Shame on you.

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