Do what works for you

I quit school this week. I am almost finished, and I quit. I have quit before. I will start back. My nerves have been shot since my brother died in 2014, and much is to blame on my family who have harassed me with serious accusations constantly, all lies, all in the face of his death. The only thing they have said true is that I have been suicidal. That was long ago. I’m past that. Tomorrow morning, I meet with my lawyer. I have already hired him. This has caused me to mess up my 4.0 GPA too. Oh well, I expect too much of myself anyway. I will still graduate with honors.



2 thoughts on “Do what works for you

  1. Honey you got this you have pushed yourself way to hard to give up now whether it is just for now or not don’t let anyone bring you down.

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