Happy Father’s Day!

To the father who abused us horribly as children, and made us feel unloved and unimportant to you our entire lives. I hope our voices, and visions of us haunt you for the rest of your life, especially today! To the father who allowed your wife to abuse and mistreat your child, always excluding her until she didn’t even exist for many years in your household. The one who allowed your in laws to mistreat her. You suck! You sucked with all your kids! Your day will come, even if it’s when you face God. To the man I married in 2004. Happy Father’s Day to such a wonderful and deserving dad! You were worth so much more than you were given as a father, and I hope we show you that daily! You are the only man I would have chosen as a dad to any child. I would have given anything to have had you for a dad as a child. Thank you for loving us unconditionally, without any biological connection! We will make your day fantastic, always! ♡


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