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My sweet friend, Darlen Huff is a retired school teacher. She taught me in the eighth grade, and made positive impacts on every child’s life whom she ever touched. Recently, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is also single. After having 25 lymph nodes removed, she suffered from lymphedema. Just the sleeve for treatment of that is $300. Mrs. Huff is not a pauper. She has a nearly 800 credit score. She is not looking for handouts or begging for money. She has breast cancer, and she is alone financially. She needs our help. That is our purpose here, to help where we can. I don’t care if you donate $1.00. It all adds up when everyone steps in. Please help her. I want her to recover and be well. Part of being able to do that is minimizing stress. I do not want her to have to worry one minute about anything besides resting, and being happy doing what she chooses to do. I cannot do it alone. I could. If need be, I will move her in my house and take care of her. I would even go to her house and care for her. I beg anyone who reads this to feel a sincere reason to make a donation to Mrs. Darlen Huff. She does have a gofundme account set up. Julie Young did that to help her. I was floored at the minimal responses to that. It made me feel ashamed of those who personally know her. I will be posting that link for anyone who feels touched enough to help. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Please share it too! 


Kristen McIntosh 


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