Adopting Peyton!

We have discussed it for years, but we made the decision yesterday, we are adopting Peyton! Her name will stay the same. She is proud to have her daddy’s last name, as a connection to him. He was so proud of that day in 2011, to have her legitimized and to finally be on her birth certificate. We will never be her momma and daddy, except in our hearts. We have always fostered a loving relationship with her mom and dad, with her, and between us and them. This is a safety measure, more for Peyton. She will lose her SSI, but her Sissy and uncle Barry do not need that money. Even if I was single. I would take care of her as we always have, regardless of any help. We will make sure she is always well loved and cared for, and in the event of our death, she is well situated too, left to highly qualified and intelligent people. 😘


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