Productive day

The vomitting daily is back, and having to stay near the bathroom. The stress those people have caused me is unreal! I’m not worried about anything legally, the judge already realizes it for what it is, plus all the records, all this actually helps me. It does stress me out though, and it keeps my thoughts running rampant. It is so hard to wrap my head around! That those people who should love me the most have done this to me my whole life. It is weird.

Yesterday was a productive day! Peyton’s room got finished being painted. This week, while she is gone to 4-H Camp, the mural will be hand drawn on one wall, she picked it out, and her cute bedroom suit will be here while she is gone. I cannot wait for her to come home to such warmth, all her own! HOME!

Please pray for me. I have court with my mother and two others who have been added to the Petition on July 14th. I feel sure the July 20th court date will be cancelled, and people will be going to jail.

I’d like to say to step dad and step son. You two were recently in a car wreck, where you flipped your Beamer, step dad. You were racing a white vehicle. There were witnesses. People I know, actually. You both made a false report to the police, and I am sure to the insurance company as well. I would bet you were under the influence too, as you usually are. This will demonstrate your credibility, stepson, and show how quickly you will file a false report, or make false statements.

This is the mural for Peyton’s wall, except her birds will be yellow. I’m so excited for her! ❤️


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