Happy Independence Day!

Today is my brother’s daughter’s birthday. One of his three children, all different mothers. She is not his daughter legally, and we did not even know about her being his until 2013. She has a good dad, who also did not know until 2013. It did not change the way he saw her, and that touched my heart! ❤️

I don’t even know how old she is. I think she is 15, or 16. I hope if she is 16, someone surprised her with her first car. I hope she is on a good path. Peyton misses her. She talks about her, not much, but she does. I recently told her that we will connect with her one day, and that I expect her to want that. It is normal and I made her understand that. I reassured Peyton that it would make me happy for them to one day be able to be sisters. I feel sure as his daughter gets older, she will come to us. I look forward to it, and I know Peyton does. 

Happy Independence Day! Happy 240th Birthday! 

Happy Birthday, Baelea! 


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