Happy 40th Birthday, Whalon!

Happy Birthday to my brother in heaven. I know he is there, and I understand what happened to him through psychology. I am so thankful for my sweet husband, especially these last few years. He makes me feel so genuinely loved and cared for, supported and provided for in a way that I have never received, even as a child. A feeling of safety, if you will. That is a really good feeling too, especially when my heart hurts so deeply these last few years. He has helped me grow in so many positive ways the last 13 years. I am thankful for that. Human touch is a powerful thing! He taught me how to receive that, in a positive way. ❤️

It has been a relaxing week with our little buddy gone to camp, but we sure do miss her! I can’t wait to hear all the fun she had, and hear about things she learned. She will be home in the morning. I can’t wait to squeeze her with hugs, and let her snug up with us tomorrow night in our big comfy bed and watch the movie of her choice. That is her favorite on a weekend night! Whalon would be so proud of her! We are certainly proud of her! ❤️

Happy Birthday to my childhood buddy, my lifelong best friend, until you left, and one of my number one fans. My precious brother. You will always be remembered, so long as I am here. ❤️


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  1. Happy Birthday to your angel! I have been thinking about you all day! I hope God has given you an extra measure of His peace! I love you!!

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