A good day celebrating my brother yesterday

We celebrated my brother’s 40th birthday last night, just me and Barry, at one of our favorite restaurants in Conyers, Atlanta Pizza & Gyro. We both have eaten there for 21 years. Before we left home, I put together a birthday card to our server, and put $40 in there for her tip, in honor of what should have been his 40th birthday. Once I saw who our server was, while sitting there, before we left, I put her name on the card. She did not see it until we were gone. 

Of course we had to celebrate with something sweet, like having the cake on his birthday, so we chose Dairy Queen off of West Avenue in Conyers. I chose the Peanut Buster Parfait, and Barry had an Oreo Blizzard. It was weird going back to this Dairy Queen. I grew up in Conyers, but I have not been there in years, to that particular area. It took me back to when I was 16 years old, dating my child’s father. We lived in the hotel next door to this Dairy Queen for more than a year. I lived there with my mother and her boyfriend, Tony, whom I loved dearly. He loved us too. He gave me my first Mother’s Day card. The hotel was called Villager Lodge back then. Weirdly enough, I laughed thinking of how me and my mom would prank call the lady at the front desk, because we laughed like crazy at the way she said the name when she answered the phone. I laughed so hard thinking about that, and telling Barry about it. I remember being taken home there, by my boyfriend, who lived in a house, with both of his parents. He never seemed to see me any differently, because I lived in a hotel. We had fun there! I knew in that timeframe that one day, I would not live like that anymore. Although, some of my best memories are from then, and it made me who I am. I never forgot my roots. I never will, either. 

I closed my day yesterday, what would have been my sweet brother’s 40th birthday with my regular prayers. I piled up so comfortably in our freezing cold house, with our freezing cold down comforter, and fell asleep to my usual nightly back rub from Barry, all snuggled up with one of our fur babies. I felt so peaceful in that moment. I take great comfort in knowing that I never hurt my brother, or took advantage of him. I never put him in a bad position. He knew I loved him. That is such a good feeling, to lay your head down with a clear conscience. I have a clear conscience.  


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