What were you doing at 12?

Peyton is precious. It was the sweetest watching her innocently make cookies tonight. I tried hard to let her do it all, only helping if she had questions. She is so innocent still, despite everything. She lost her dad to suicide, and her mother is facing prison for intent to distribute meth. That seems to not even phase her. It does, I know. I’m educated enough in psychology to know that, and I have walked parallel to what she lived to realize it does phase her. We help her process and release what she needs to release, and she sees a counselor. Some things do not belong to you, and it’s okay to release those things in order to live a fuller life. 
That’s one thing I love about her, the innocence! She is a very innocent 12 year old little girl. I am so thankful for that! We worked hard to preserve that for her, and all of our children. 
I had sex for the first time at age 12, Peyton’s age now. Shame on my parents for that! He was 18! I dated the guy. At 12. I should have been playing soccer instead! I don’t know that I will ever fully be able to release the bitterness inside of me for what my parents did not do for us, but I know this. In the children I have parented, it helped me to overcome it by preserving those children’s innocence. Allowing them to behave appropriately according to their age. It helps me rest easy, that’s for sure. ❤️


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