Good news

They are building another new house in our neighborhood. This is the second one in almost two years. Another house is listed for sale in our neighborhood for close to $500,000. This is good news for us, as we plan to put our house up for sale next summer. 

Today was my third follow up appointment with my cardiologist I began seeing in November 2015. I received good news that we are sticking with the beta blocker for at least six more months. Without it, I feel so jittery with such a fast heart rate. It has really helped to slow it down.

In November, my resting heart rate was 100-110 beats per minute, all stress induced. I began a beta blocker then to slow it down. Now, it is 58-65 beats per minute, constantly, which is good news. A few times it has been 100 on the beta blocker, during all the attempted malicious prosecution by my family, but mostly it is regulated by the beta blocker. I love my cardiologist. He is so compassionate and knowledgeable. He has excellent bedside manners too. 

I begin a Restorative Yoga class this week. I’m nervous about it, but I’m looking forward to it. There are many health benefits to Yoga. People who have done it, and everything I have read on it tells me it is an excellent stress reliever. I like natural remedies. My friend from Austraila, Sarah recently encouraged me to start based on her own experience. 

As much as I wish Peyton had her momma as she should, it made me feel good yesterday to hear what her counselor told me. She asked Peyton if she could live anywhere she wanted, even with her momma, having her sober and all, where would she choose to live. Her answer. Where she is. I am so thankful that sweet baby feels loved and safe with us. We love her so much. Barry said, “I will walk a daughter down the aisle one day after all because of her.” I love him even more for loving her so. This was more than good news from her counselor. This was excellent news to my heart. 

I was so proud of Peyton this afternoon! She has not seen nor heard from her mother since July 2014. Monday, she received a letter in the mail from her mother. She asked me to read it first, so I read it, and then told her about it. I left the option totally up to her if she chose to read it. It took her three days to do, but she finally read it. She came to me last night and told me, “I read the letter.” So today, she told me she wrote her mother a letter back. She even knew how to address the envelope. She is a smart baby.

I am so proud she wrote her mother back. She rarely opens up about her parents. I feel like this will help her, because it allows her to express her feelings, and privately, something she prefers. She does miss her mother. She loves her too. We miss and love her mother too. She worked for us for three years before she got hooked on meth. She is a good person, with deep unresolved psychological issues from childhood. Peyton is mad at her, but we help her process all that with a professional’s assistance. She told her counselor she misses her mom. I pray her mother gets proper rehabilitation. I hope one day they can have a healthy relationship. She will live with us through college, but I hope they can have a relationship still. 

There are exciting things ahead in our future. We are making some big changes, including a big move. We are all three so excited! 

Thank you to my readers. Writing is such a release for me. ❤️


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