What a Fun Day for PES

Yesterday was such an exciting day for Peyton, also known as PES, her initials, pronounced like the PEZ dispensers that I have always loved and gifted. As hard as we tried to get her bedroom set up while she was gone to 4-H Camp recently, it did not happen until yesterday due to everything going on, and delivery. Her sleigh bed and desk chair will not be here until the 26th, but she already has the mattress. Her mural she chose will be done Tuesday. Our goal was to have it done by the time school started. At least we met that goal for her! She starts school Wednesday, our little seventh grader. ❤️
Haverty’s delivered her bedroom suit at 11:30 yesterday morning, but her day started by picking up her BFF, Addie Kate from her class for a play date, then getting sausage and cheese biscuits from McDonalds, something we do not allow, fast food. Haha! Peyton was so excited! They spent the day jumping on the trampoline, playing with the dogs, drawing, and we went to the pool for a few hours. She is so proud of her room! Makes me feel so happy for her. ❤️


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