What goes around eventually comes around

Happy Birthday to the insecure female who always told me how awful my hair color looked, but now, you and your daughter have the same color hair as I did then. You always told me how my perfume choked you. You bathed and washed anything to do with my household, because it smelled like me. You and my mother are the only ones who have ever complained about the way I smell. I am not looking for compliments, but everywhere we go, people ask me what perfume I am wearing, or those who come to our house, immediately. I almost quit wearing it, because I detest attention focused on me. You made fun of my sunglasses that I loved and wore regularly. They reminded me so much of John Lennon. You called me weird for not wanting my shoes dirty. You made fun of, and criticized and tried to change everything about me. I’m sorry you were that insecure. I know where that comes from with you, but you were so wrong. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! 😘


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