Decisions are hard 

Made a hard decision today. We had our dog, Stray euthanized at 4 pm. We have debated on this decision for two years. We rescued her in early 2013. She has ripped open one of our dogs twice, and today, she aggressively attacked another. I screamed bloody murder, about had a heart attack, and my whole body trembled for an hour afterwards. I couldn’t do it any longer. Tomorrow, we are having three more euthanized. My sweet, Jackson, Bella, and Lady. Bella and Jackson are old, and do not have a good quality of life, and Lady is aggressive. She has also ripped open a couple of our dogs, and attacked again yesterday. I can’t do it anymore. It scares me too much. 

The last year has taught me to let go. To be able to release things. It is somewhat liberating. I have realized, I can pretty much get through anything. I can lose anything, and still be okay. 

Rest In Peace, Stray! She was such a good dog, but her aggression made her dangerous. I did not make the decision lightly for any of them. 


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