Dawg Walk Live 10/14/16

This same place is where we scattered my brother’s ashes 12/25/14. It gave me chills seeing this live video come up in my Facebook feed. My body tingled, my ears rang, and I felt trembly for a moment. I haven’t been back there since then. I have no real place to visit my brother to talk to him. That’s the hard part of cremation. I cremated him and scattered him there because that is what he wanted. God, I miss him! How I wish I could spend this day with him. I am making one of our favorite dishes today for the game. We ate it as a child with our father. You’d think I would hate it, but I don’t. My brother loved it! Today will be the first game I’ve cooked for and celebrated since he died. That’s progress. It’s sad to participate in life without him. 


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