Made me cry

This is very true. I have come a long way, but I can so relate to this, especially since losing my brother to suicide 2/10/14! It triggered a lot. It made me cry to read this. People have no idea unless they deal with it personally, or love someone who does. Narcissistic people shame those who deal with it. It’s real, for sure. It is typically the result of unhealthy developmental environments as a child. That’s why I am brutally angered by people who suck raising kids, dragging them through the mud, exposing them to garbage, repeating the cycle. Those kids end up in a mess as adults, hence depression, anxiety, drug addictions, poverty, and the list goes on. 

Please, stop the stigma regarding mental health issues. When you hear someone pass off a mental health issue as if it is something you can just snap out of, slap them! Haha! Not really. Set them straight though! Tell them, shame on you!  Recovery takes hard work, and rawly discovering who you are, peeling back many layers that can be very scary. I urge you to fight and win. Win yourself back from the one(s) who took you away. 

I have a good life. I am happy, is what I mean. However, today I spent my day in bed as a result of the shit in my head. I’m a fighter, and I always win, but it sucks when those days come. 

Today, after nothing to eat or drink until 4 pm, I was able to get up. It took lots of work! I am so thankful for my husband, who loves me so much, clearly. Not long after, I came across this in my Facebook feed. It made me cry! 

Here’s to the fighters!


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