We enjoyed Christmas dinner with my sweet friend, Ms. Huff yesterday. She knows I love nutcrackers, and she brought me three. I love them all, two especially! For all who do not know me personally, red birds mean a lot to me. They make me feel close to my brother. One of the nutcrackers is holding a red bird. 

The other, it so touched my heart! A nutcracker ornament bought and given to Ms. Huff by her mother, in 1976 or 1977 from the Fox Theater at the actual Nutcracker, that hung on her family tree raising her own kids. They were together when her mom purchased it. How precious to know she relinquished something so special to me, and I’m not even her biological family. It made me feel good. 

I will always cherish these gifts, but especially the ornament. I will pass it to Peyton when she has her own tree, and I told her I want her first child to get it. She just lit up when I told her that, as Ms. Huff hung it on our tree. My brother was born in 1976. Wouldn’t it be something to find out that was the year it was purchased. I’d love that! ❤️

In addition to my gifts, she brought my favorite, a carrot cake! She is a kind and thoughtful person, the reason I enjoy spending time with her. 

Peyton had the assembly line going putting together our White Christmas Trial Mix. We gift it to many! We enjoyed Gigi’s company too. Good food, good conversation, and relaxing. 


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