Some of My Favorites

Today involves some of my favorites, home, nowhere to be, thermal pjs, furry slippers, Christmas candles burning in each room, traditional country Christmas music from when me and my brother were little, my animals, wrapping presents, and my mom soon to come by to have my favorite coffee, made here. My sweet husband was home all morning doing this with me, but he picked up Peyton from school to go shopping for me. She had a half day today. I love her being in a private school. Their schedules are so much more accommodating for the holidays. We are also having one of our favorite meals for dinner tonight, lemon pepper fried chicken, homemade mac and cheese, greenbeans with potatoes, and homemade biscuits. We are also baking cookies later for Peyton’s Christmas party at school tomorrow. She is such a happy little girl! She loves family and holidays. 

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me! It brings closure to a horrible thing. I am thankful for second chances. ❤️


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