This girl right here, (left) is my grown up daughter. She is 24 already, so hard to believe! When I look at her, I still see a little girl who needs me to protect her from the world. The absolute hardest thing I ever had to do was to give her wings, besides say goodbye to my brother. She has been my absolute purpose since I found out about her in 1992. I was only 17 years old, and so afraid! I had absolutely nothing to offer her, besides me. At 42, I realize that was enough, in addition to setting goals and working hard. The love I felt for her, and the purpose she gave me made me work harder. 

I am so proud of my grown up daughter! I love that she works where she always wanted to work since childhood, and that she is so goal oriented. Clearly, I instilled a good value set in her, and I am proud of that. She has one of the sweetest most compassionate hearts too, and that makes me feel good as her mom. ❤


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