I had my six month dental cleaning today and as soon as I walked in the door, this adorable almost two year old greeted me with such happiness and just made my day! She immediately pointed to me and said, “Pretty!” She was like mesmerized with me. I could have taken her home and kept her forever. She showed me her “pretty” butterfly pearl necklace, and she wanted to see my “pretty” watch. I let her. She absolutely made my day! It brought back so many memories from 1993-1994 of my daughter, whom this little girl looked so much like! Blonde headed, blue eyes, beautiful curls, and an angelic face. I do believe this sweet little girl would have gone home with me. I told the mother how the little girl reminded me so much of my daughter, who is also the age of my daughter, 24. I told her my daughter will graduate in July with her bachelor of science degree in nursing, and been dating her fiancé for six years, so I am sure within the next few years she will make me a grandmother. This little girl gave me baby fever, and those who know me know, I’m not the normal female regarding babies. 😊❤


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