Two Years

Today marks two years that I had court with my father. On December 23, 2014, I was served with a temporary restraining order from my father, from Pensacola, Florida, all based on lies. I had to hire a lawyer, and travel over two days to stand before a judge with my father asking to permanently ban me from being able to contact him. He told the police that I called him on a specific day, over and over again, after he had repeatedly asked me not to call him. My phone records proved, I never even called him on the day he accused. He never answered any of my calls, or texts. I contacted him seven times after my brother shot and killed himself 2/10/14. Some by text, some by phone. He never acknowledged any of them. In court, he told a completely different story. That he never even answered my calls, he just ignored them. The judge was floored, but did nothing about his perjury and false filing of police reports. He dismissed it based on no evidence to support the restraining order. I have the transcript from court that will one day be published. He and his conspiring confederate should have been arrested. They harassed me to hell and back using the legal system, all in the face of losing my brother. From 12/23/14-8/25/16 we have spent almost $20,000 in legal fees defending me against their malicious lies. Several people got mad at me, and they all tried to make it look true, their lies, using the legal system to do so. Even my father in law joined in, although he told the truth, therefore, the police told him I had not broken any law. 

I don’t know how any parent could take their child to court, especially based upon lies. My father was trying to shut me up from talking about our horrific child abuse, at his hands, memories that haunt me terribly since losing my brother. I never said anything that was not true. These attacks caused me so much stress that I have been so sick with gastrointestinal issues, and anxiety. Shame on those who played a role. The ones who matter to me mostly are in my life. You cannot change the facts, nor what science proves will occur when you suck as a parent. Just look at the adult children. Typically. 

Today, these memories came up. It reminded me of the two year mark on this day. I had not even realized the date and connection lately, as I try hard to comepletely forget about anything to do with my father. It is a really shitty feeling to feel unwanted by your own parent, child, or sibling. I don’t know many people who could have, or would have survived what I have experienced constantly since 2/10/14. Add in all the childhood trauma. It all truly changed who I am. 

I am so thankful for my husband! He is my absolute rock! He has made me believe in myself as much as I made myself, sometimes more than myself, and he has been there for almost 14 years as my biggest fan. I love him for that, and many other reasons. I am also thankful my momma went as my witness to attest to all his lies.  


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