My Simple Things

I was getting ready this morning and used the last of my deodorant. I needed more for today. Friday, I sent Barry a text while he was out, and asked him to pick up a couple of things at the Dollar Store for us. Deodorant was not one of them. He took it upon himself to get my deodorant, because he remembered me saying I needed to add it to the weekly list next time. Not only did he remember that I needed some soon, even though it was not included in my text, he knows what I wear. He knows me as much as I know me and that feels wonderful. 

These are my simple things that mean so much to me. These are the things that say I love you to me. He tells me he loves me, but honestly, he never has to again. I know he does by his behavior, and it has been consistent for 14 years now. 

Deodorant. Such a simple thing. 


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