Seven, Already?! 

Today, seven years ago, my daughter started her last first day of school, her senior year. She always loved school, and being involved in sports, clubs, activities, etc. I was always in the audience, her biggest fan! She started school at age two, preschool. One of the best things I ever did for her! 

I am so thankful she was able to fully enjoy her youth. I did not make her work. She worked for me sometimes helping in the office, but I always worked hard to preserve her innocence, and youth, allowing her to do things she will never have the chance again to do in high school. We become grown ups soon enough! She also worked part time sometimes around her schedule at two doctor’s offices where we were patients. I am thankful she was able to not have to work though during high school. I received $167 per week for child support. It came on a debit card each month. I gave that card to Brittney her entire high school year. 

It is hard to believe my daughter will be 25 years old in three months! Time passes quickly. She is my greatest treasure! ❤️


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