20 Days

The count down is on! Twenty days from today my intelligent daughter finishes nursing school! She will be Brittney Danielle Norman, BSN, RN. Words cannot describe how I feel. If I had to sum it up in one word, accomplished seems appropriate, especially from whence I came, and knowing the typical statistics of children of teenaged moms. I was determined she would not fall among those statistics! This day is such a reward to me, you have no idea what it means to me! This day has been my sole objective, and purpose since November 7, 1992. We made it! No marriages, and no babies first, but your college degree. The second one at that! 
Brittney Danielle Norman, I am so proud of you! From the moment you were born, you excel in everything you do, with much determination. I can hear your excitement now over “the doctor’s kit” at age three, and now you are in that mode real world time. You always had a passion for the medical field, and children. The workforce is lucky to have you! 😘❤️


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