Makes Me Laugh

To all you hypocrites at Providence Classical Christian School in Oxford, GA. If only you could have put as much time in to getting to know me as you do stalking my Facebook, God would be so proud! As it stands, your prayers are worthless, according to your bible. You women suck there, and only for show do you put out God’s work. Your kids suck too, because you have taught them to be just like you. 

Just so you know, when you stalk someone’s Facebook, those people stalking come up as people you may know. I think I have now blocked all you busy body hens. You constantly show up as people I may know. Now, you will have to come to my blog, and that is okay, because you make my numbers go up. I am sure you have stuff to do though, besides stalk me, such as the ass load of work that comes with all the brats you birthed. 

When you pray for your children, remember that God does not hear your prayer in the mode you are in, because of the way you treat those outside of your clique. You cannot hide from Him. He hears all your gossip and knows your hearts. Your kids have lots of suffering coming their way for your awful behaviors. That is what our bible says. It also says be good to others. None of you were good to me. You walked right by us, and never even spoke. I am glad we are out of that stuffy cult. I would not want any of you influencing my dog, let alone my child. You women would not know what to do if your husbands left you. All you know how to do is birth babies, and eat. Anyone can do that. 

I pray that you all are humbled to the very lowest point to teach you a lesson. I pray your kids deal with mental health issues, so rather than judge others for it, you understand it. I pray that your kids are excluded, and mistreated by others like you all mistreated me. I pray that you lose someone you love dearly, and it changes your whole world, so then you will see how much losing my brother affected me. 

Your kids are all about superficial things. One of your kids told my niece that they have friends who live in mansions. They said where my niece got her braces was low class. Not hardly! Braces Braces beats the brakes off Dr. Leonard’s rude and elitist acting staff. That is why people like you fit in there, you all suck thinking you are somebody, because of some handbag or car. 

When you get to the end of your life, I hope you think of me. It makes me laugh that none of you ever welcomed me in, yet you constantly read my stuff. My life is real too! All that you see on Facebook, or here that I post, it is true, I have a wonderful life, minus the shitty people of the world. Jealousy, that is all. I am attractive, intelligent, successful, my husband treats me like a queen, while your husbands never show up. Were you afraid I would stand out more than you to your husbands? For the record, I would not have another man. I think most men suck, and they are the weakest among the Earth. I have known one man in my life who could be among a group of nude women, and it would not even phase him. He would not have a jezebel woman if they paid him. Most men are so weak, they will be tempted at the slightest glimpse of a set of boobs and a vagina. Just look at your husband. You women do all the work, while your husband is out having sex with their secretary, or others living his life up bachelor style even in his own apartment, while you do all the work back on the homefront. No thank you! Or, he is having to constantly work to provide your superficial lifestyle trying to keep up with a status. Barry always told me he was floored at the non existent dads among functions. One lady there who has caused many problems for the school, making many leave, her kid spent the night with us before. The kid told me while she was here about her dad behind closed doors, and how they all just have to cater to him to keep him happy, and not exploding. She told me she was so scared of her dad, and always walked on eggshells around him. It was sad. Me personally, first of all, I would have never had four kids. However, he would be a divorced man paying me child support if he was my husband. I guess this woman takes out her frustrations on people outside of her clique, because of how her husband makes her feel. She should treat him like she does new people, and he might respect her then. As it stands, he has zero respect for her. She is his maid, a doormat, and worn slap out with no help. I would not have a man who allowed me to do all the work! 

You awful women beat the church doors down and suck as people. Just remember, money, Land Rovers, and all the things you have that make you think you are somebody, they do not go with you when you die. Your soul does, and knowing that, you will all be in hell. 

I could pay cash for a car, but why? I do not need a car to show everyone who I am. I work from home, with my husband. We have one vehicle, and that is all we need. I have been without a car since 2013, and I love it! To show who I am, I would rather spend money on others. It is much more rewarding! I have owned a Lexus twice, and any other car I wanted, I always got since age 19. I realized in losing my brother, things do not matter in the least to me. Where we will be longterm, we will not need any vehicles. 

Now that I am finished having my coffee leisurely on our patio as we do every single day, after my husband makes it, and serves it to me, I am done with this post. You hens enjoy my blog! I see you looking at it, even when you go to Norway. I get reports about my blog. Just fyi. We all know who travels to Norway. 😘


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