Extremely Raw

I am about to share an extremely raw writing of mine, written August 8, 2002. I typed this letter on my very own computer that I purchased all by myself, a single mom, in college classes, just before I met Barry, printer and all the hook ups! 

I have not read this letter since then. I tried, but couldn’t. This letter came back to me marked, “Return to Sender”. Do you know how hard it was to keep trucking after that? So. Very. Hard. My daughter kept me though. She always made me walk proudly. I read it today, and how very sad. As a grown woman educated in all this, I can step away and see a very hurt little girl in this letter, even so badly abused physically and verbally, so humiliated, so shamed, so beat down by him in such degrading ways, I begged for his love and acceptance. I truly cannot believe I am still here.


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