Touched My Heart

I will never forget, two days after my brother died, my husband telling me, when I told him my best guy friend from middle school, who was now a preacher, who comes from the same walks in life as me was coming to preach my brother’s funeral. His response, “My dad is coming up to do it.” It felt so good! Barry had taken over all my calls, and just took over, and held me as I ugly cried, so lost, so fucking sad, empty, exhausted. I don’t ever recall any one hugging me when I cried, until I did it to my sweet daughter, and she did it to me, and Barry. 

Nobody learned healthy love in our family. Barry’s dad, and step mom have made me feel loved several times, which includes protecting me, making sure I am safe, and being there as a safe place to fall, at times disappointed, still dusting our knees off with encouraging words.

It touched my heart that my father in law married us, he met my Popow, my hero besides my mom and brother, a few more, and his wife of 20 plus years played the piano at our wedding. It was beautiful, the whole thing from start to there! Our love story. 

It was sad to plan my brother’s funeral. I was so thankful for my husband, daughter, step daughter, her boyfriend, mom, my sister and all her family, one of my sisters from another mother, Kiki during that time! Several more! They got to me immediately that awful day! 

Love. It is a powerful thing. Some by phone, but they got to me immediately. 

To my sister from another, Brooke Lynn! I could not imagine my life without you. You helped me provide basic needs for me and my daughter at times. You have always had my back, and I love you for it! I meant it when I said, if you and Josh died, I would move in all four of your kids and raise them like my own. ❤️


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