Awful Neighbors

Last night, very late my neighbors came pulling up with their radio turned up so loudly, it boomed our whole bedroom. Our bedroom is on the side of the house as their house. They know this and they do it for that reason. Daily. They are the worst people! I am thankful! We have it on video! I told you, I am recording at all times. I have to because of you. Every single thing I have, I am fixing to present to their bosses, and to the courts. Jennifer Ellis works at Bard off Lochridge. Jason Ellis works at General Mills, both in Covington. They hate blacks, they sing the N word, so do their kids, and they hate me! They harass me daily, and that is why we have bullies in kids. Their kids watch this behavior. Her brothers are police for my district, so she thinks she can do anything. They even harass me, in their police vehicles. Wesley and Tim Dickerson. I am about to show them they can’t. 

With all the bullying such a topic, let’s talk about adults who bully. My neighbor Erin Bennett. She is a school teacher. She joins in with my neighbor, and Carla Geiger, the court reporter. They all participate. Jennifer stands in my cul de sac calling me a mental case mother fucker because I have C-PTSD, and asks me to come fight her. In front of her 14 year old daughter who had to grab her and hold her back. Believe me, physically, I am not scared of her. She is a coward though. She would shoot me in a heart beat. She purposely tries to trigger me by bullying me with loud noises, name calling, provoking me constantly. In front of her two kids. One of her kids greeted us one day, “Hey niggers!” The other one spit on my niece. Good parenting there folks! 

If we want to lock up parents for their kid’s bullying behavior, charge them also with teaching them to bully. Jennifer Ellis, you better leave me alone unless you want to have massive legal bills! I am tired of you bullying and harassing me! Thank you for yet another video last night! 

Also, she is the one who made up horrible lies to DFACS last year and sent them here. That is a charge in itself, can be.
I can’t even go out front for a walk when they are home, because she bows up to me like a man wanting to fight, trying to provoke me. I would unleash hell on her, but she is not worth a charge! I do nothing to bother them. Absolutely nothing!!! We enforce rules of respect thy neighbor. They believe the rules do not apply to them.


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