What an accomplished feeling! Today, I paid my daughter’s last paycheck to her, before she begins work next week earning her first nursing paycheck. Several months ago, so much of her nursing school required so much of her time in order to do well in the program. It got down to the point that she could not work, and do well in school, or participate in necessary things to complete the program. I have paid her $640 every two weeks the last few months to allow her to still earn her net pay from her job, pre nursing pay, without actually working. 
I like to think I would have gotten myself and my daughter to where we are today without my husband, but I am so thankful for his love and support in our family since 2003. He is precious to me, and provides for, and protects us like no other. I am thankful I was able to do this for my daughter, spending my earnings on getting her to the next level, rather than having to rely on my one income single. I don’t know that I could have made that happen without my husband. 
One more car payment, and my financial job as a mom is over! It feels so good to know I got her to the next level of life, the duty of a parent. Of course, I will always spoil her, give her Christmas presents, even after she has her own children, and it goes without saying in an emergency. My daughter has always had a safe place to fall, and that is home. Home is where your parents are. Home is where her Momma is! 🙂


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