One Year

Today marks one year my lifelong friend lost her daughter to murder. I have been through many things in my life, and truly, I lost my daughter in 2016, only not to death, rather lies and manipulation. I can tell you in that year, my greatest prayer was that we reunite before one of us died. That was about all I had that kept me holding on. It was brutal. I don’t know that I could survive losing my daughter to death. My heart truly aches for my friend every day, but especially in times that mark the date, or birthdays and holidays when you realize they are clearly gone. It is real.

My friend’s name is Melinda. I ask my friends here to send her great vibes, and much prayer. She is truly a warrior! We share the same birthday. We call each other our twin. She inspires me that I can! I talked to her a few minutes ago, when I realized the date. She is in good spirits and hopeful. It makes me feel good to know.


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