Thank You

Do you know how wonderful it feels that my daughter is a part of this team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! She dreamed of it since fourth grade, now an ICU RN at Scottish Rite. I heard on the news recently, the father who flew his sick son off the Disney cruise, he said while they were interviewing him, “The love and dedication behind these doors!” It made me cry! I know the love and dedication my daughter has for all those children, any age! She absolutely loves her job! This man here is precious for loving on these babies when their parents cannot be there. My nephew was in Egleston, and Scottish Rite for an extended amount of time in 2004. I watched my sister have to make a choice in which child to choose, having three. Of course she didn’t want to leave her brain injured child! She didn’t want to leave any of them. Thank you all who work behind these walls, at all locations!


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