A Fun Day

When my desk looks like this at the end of the day, you know it has been a productive one! It was a fun day too, because two of my good friends came over to do some work for me. We laughed and reminisced so much! My friend, Melinda , friends since sixth grade, moved my whole closet upstairs for me, and filed, while I did seven tax returns. I have many more, but seven a day is a good day. Some days in this time I will do 20 plus a day. My friend, Brook Lynn hauled off all our boxes for us! Our garage was inundated with boxes. It feels so good!

Next up, a house full of new carpet tomorrow, grey, 11 tax returns ready to do in the morning, wallpapering our bathroom and closet, interior painting finished up, making the garage an Irish pub, painting the exterior, cutting down about 10 huge pine trees, and tearing down our awful fence, replacing it with one like we had at our old house, done with decking wood, not cheesy cheep wood panels. My father used to tell people how to get to our old house, look for a $200,000 home, although it wasn’t, and a million dollar fence, and clearly it wasn’t either! We got a fantastic deal on the fence that should have cost us about $20,000, for $8,000. Our house will be good for at least five more years, if we are here that long, who knows. One thing is for sure, I will not be too far from my daughter! She will always have a support system in me, so long as I am here!

Check out the nice ending to my day. My beer has updated to a new and improved look, going from a 12 ounce bottle to a 16 ounce can. I don’t drink every day, but boy I could! It sure does numb a whole lot of stuff! I’m thankful I get sick if I drink too much, which prevents me from doing it. I learned my limit very young!


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