I am so thankful Barry resigned as treasurer for our neighborhood home owner’s association. He did it for three years, which meant we did it. He did the annual budget, and I processed all the payments and prepared the deposits. Because we work from home, we only go to Covington about once every seven to 10 days. Our dues are $400 a year, due upon receipt. The bills go out by January 1st. Man, those payments straggled in all year long, every single year, the same people. Even late, people would have the nerve to call us bitching, because you didn’t run their checks to the bank right away to make the deposit, always thinking only of self. Never mind they were six months late, or later. Clearly, because they can’t manage their money. I always told any who complained the same, you don’t dictate when we go to the bank, especially late payments, and if they don’t like how we did it, come go the bank yourself, or better yet, take over the whole free duty.

It was a lot of work for free! I did much of it to help Barry! I’m thankful this year, I didn’t have to deal with that at all! At the end of the year 2017, I told Barry that I would no longer participate in that stressor of a job, so unappreciated. He was already contemplating resigning because he agrees with me, so it worked out perfectly. He resigned at the last meeting of the year!

I say anyone who complains about how someone does free work, do it yourself. We have about 250 houses in our neighborhood, I believe. You don’t realize how much work that is until you go through a season doing it. I’m all about free work where there is a need, but gratitude sustains my desire to do that.

My life is purposeful. Everything I do is done by choosing to do so. Only I dictate how I live it. Next, I consider Barry’s desires.

The world is full of leeches, sucking our world dry as takers without any plan of contribution. I have never been that kind of person. It is the very least one can do, contribute goodness back to this world.


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