Old House

We went to Social Circle last night to have dinner at the Blue Willow Inn. Unfortunately, they closed at 8, and we got there at 8:10 pm. They offered us to eat anyway, but no way! I know what it is like to want to go home after your shift! It takes hours after closing a restaurant to really be able to leave, so of course we didn’t stay. We drove by our old house, and Brittney’s school from 6th through 12th grade. We moved in that house when she was in the fifth grade, but the middle and high school are right across the street from our old house, the whole reason we chose this house. It was so weird seeing it all! Seems like yesterday, but so long ago! Our house looks nothing like it did when we lived there, nor does the fence. I snapped a few pictures, but they are kind of blurry! They have an awesome football field now! Social Circle was a great place raising my daughter, 2004 – 2011!