When I first split up with my daughter’s father, I moved in with my father and step mother for three months, believe it or not, only temporarily going in to it. I took a second job at McDonalds on Highway 138 in Conyers, GA. I didn’t have much, not even sufficient work clothes. I was all of 21 years old, with a three year old daughter, having her two weeks before my 18th birthday, 1992. I worked my first job from 10am-6pm as an office/finance manager for a buy here pay here car lot. I sold cars, and did the guts of the business, all the financing and accounting, tag and title work, anything that needed done. We were young starting out, so I started out struggling. The whole reasoning for moving in with my father was to work a short term second job to save money, so me and my daughter were not constantly living paycheck to paycheck. I would get off at 6pm each day in Henry County, a good drive from home. I had until 6:30pm each day to pick up my daughter from her preschool/daycare, meaning I left my job each day praying there would be no delays! The charge for daycare past 6:30pm was $1.00 per minute, not to mention, the suck ass parent you seem to be if you are late. I was never late! My daughter was never stranded, ever! I would take her to my step mother after picking her up, and leave right away headed to my second job at McDonalds, all to save money.

I ran the drive thru like a pro, and thoroughly enjoyed it! I would leave there at 1am or later each early morning, go home to sleep a few hours, then get up and start all over again at 6am that same morning. It was SO hard! I was SO tired! I have no idea how I did it, besides being carried by a higher power. In my belief, that is God. I would wake up, put on a happy face for the morning for my happily precious ambitious daughter who motivated me so much!, and I would dive in the day.

Listen up, readers. I know it is hard. I know the feeling of laying in bed paralyzed by bullshit, fighting so hard to stay here! I truly do! Let me give you some encouragement! If I can do it, so can YOU! Please, be inspired to do it anyway through me!