I’d like to share something here with you that most don’t know about me here. It’s not been relevant, and I’ve not been asked. I don’t discuss my sexual life with anyone, besides my husband. My dear best friends, we talk about anything, and are most comfortable with each other, and we do not even discuss our sex lives. It’s not a topic for discussion unless you are among a therapist, or each other only. I am going to discuss something sexually here though. When I was 19-20, before I began dating my first husband, I dated a black man. I had sex with him too, using protection, a given for me. He was fun, smart, financially stable, a good person, and we had a lot in common. I would rather date a black man all day long over some racist mean person! My sister used to use this against me, as if I had committed a crime. She was just mad that was all she could come up with on me. I’d do it all over again! I have no regrets. I am attracted to a person’s heart and goodness. I don’t see color.


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