Crooked Bastards

Hey, check out my address history of all the times you had to come out here because of my awful neighbors! We spent $10,000 on our security cameras all around our house. Notice, you haven’t had to be called out here since then. To all you bastards that came out here friends with her brothers, you see who the problem was now that I haven’t had to call you back out here! I wouldn’t register shit with you as long as people like the Dickerson boys, and the one who came here friends with them who treated me like shit works for you. Newton County needs a clean up! Fresh faces! 30 Richmond Trail, Oxford. I constantly had to call you for those bullies who shot guns in my back door, and harassed the hell out of me, even trying to get me to come fight her in the street. She best be glad I didn’t. She wasn’t worth a charge! They don’t do that now! Money talks and bullshit walks. I finally have peace in my home. I wish I knew right off the little redneck officer who came 4/17/17, buddies with them. You suck buddy! You certainly don’t need to be a cop! I have your card, so I know your name. I wouldn’t trust shit to do with Newton County! Crooked bastards to say the least! You won’t know where my cameras are, but just know, they are every 10 feet, all around my house, recording with audio 24/7! It has been so peaceful too you mean awful bullying bitch, Jennifer Ellis! You only got away with it so long because your hillbilly brothers are cops here. Do not trust Newton County! Very few officials are ethical here! Most sing the N word, racist as hell! That goes for you too, you pill head behind me. You suck as much, straight out of the trailer park, all of you!


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