28 Years Over Due

Dear S, this is Krissi, RR’s ex. I’m sure you know who I am. I’d like to tell you for a long time now, you were no better than me back then! You only had better parents than us, but it made you no better! R was my boyfriend from age 10 until 16, off and on, even while you dated him, as you know. He loved me at one time. We were not just fuck buddies! First time we had sex was in him and K’s apartment, me 16, in front of his bathroom mirror. It was so passionate, I guess why he described me to his brother as his best sexual encounter. You suck for not returning his class ring! I’m sure his kids would appreciate it! You also sucked for lying saying he abused you physically! What a joke! He is the most non confrontational person you will ever know, one of them. Let’s hope nobody does to your son or daughter what you did to him. I do wish you the best, but you are absolutely no better than anyone! I smoked cigarettes from age 12 on. R knew this about me, even after you, still choosing to be with me. We had just broken up before you. 28 years overdue! I sent this to her privately!


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