Feels Good

It felt so good to get rid of all that ungrateful kid that stopped my life since 2011 left behind, finally today! Anything and everything! It wasn’t my job to lug around all her stuff, it was the sorry crack whore momma’s! She earned multiple awards from the very beginning with us, and read every single day! I bet she does not get awards now, because nobody makes her be her best! It’s easier to let them do what they want, for now. I had a text from her a while back, so grammatically incorrect, no punctuation, all lower case, just lazy getting by. Not in my house! I know for sure she hasn’t cracked the first book to read!

It feels good to know we could move in no time! I no longer keep anything that doesn’t serve me well! I will never sacrifice shit for anyone but me, next my husband and friends, of course!


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