Hey fat ass Erin! You are grossly fat and a school teacher who should know better! Instead of wondering what goes on here, lose your five inter tubes and man shoulders off your fat ass! I didn’t call an officer out here, the incompetent bitch on the phone sent them. I asked a question. A person doesn’t stand in my face berating me without getting their ass kicked! You and Jennifer are so fat, you have plenty to concentrate on besides my life. Starting with your baby that was born prematurely because you suck as a person! My husband still hasn’t learned the balls to stand up to a client reaming him a new one! I have! Nobody stands in my face disrespecting me. Nobody! I will punch your fucking lights out!

You too, fat ass Tommy and Ashley! You both have way more to concentrate on than us!

All of you are losers! I pray for God to take your children to hurt you! All of you!


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