I’d hate to be so insecure of a person my husband dated as a teenager that I treated them like shit. She runs to church, but treats me like the plague. I wonder how she thinks we can both go to heaven. A relationship that was over way before this woman, and even 20 years later, she is a bitch to me! I guess looking at her and looking at me makes her insecure, but people suck! I wouldn’t have anybody’s partner! Even my husband’s ex wife, his kid’s mom, she could move in my house need be! I am not insecure of anyone taking someone from me. You take someone from me, he wasn’t mine to start with, and I’d thank you at this point! This is not about my daughter’s step mom either! I welcome healthy relationships among my daughter’s family! Not to mention, the natural maternal side of my daughter’s step mom makes her beautiful to me. My daughter’s dad wasn’t a teenager when we dated! I was!


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