They Deserved It

When I respond with full throttle rage to someone, trust me, they deserved it! I do not go around hurting people. Reactive abuse comes from someone hurting you! Who would just sit there and take it, a child maybe. All of my family lied through their damn teeth trying to shut me up telling the world how much they suck! They have abused me my whole damn life, calling me crazy when I stand up for myself. I’m far from crazy. I belong to a group for scapegoats of narcissistic families. Their family dynamics are just like mine. My parents are narcissistic parents, my sister the narcissistic golden child, me and my dead brother, the scapegoats.

Fuck you! You need to be scared of me if you fuck with me! I’ll be your best damn friend, or your worst fucking nightmare! It’s up to you! If you never harm me, you will never have a problem with me! You’d be more scared of them to see the real them in action! Want to talk about crazy!? I’ve seen it! I don’t use the word crazy, only ignorant people do, but when their kids get grown and are “crazy” because of their “crazy” environments developing, you will eat your words buddy.

Anyone who gets my rage, they fucking deserved it! They hurt me in a mighty way if I’m raging!


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