Always There to Help Me

This is when I moved back from Chattanooga, Tennessee, 2001. I was in a size zero shorts here. I always loved my arms! My sweet first husband, Tim was always there to help me, even after we divorced. He was putting my new grill together here, post our divorce, two years later. He also came and helped me plant grass where we lived. He came and helped me do anything I needed help with! I’m thankful for his forgiveness. I left him. I was running, looking for a daddy back then. I can tell you one thing, you could put him in a room full of nude women, and his penis would stay completely limp! He wouldn’t have a woman like that. No woman would ever trip him up with her vagina! He has never even been to a strip club, ever. I have. If he told me the grass had turned all purple over night, and the sky was green, without even getting up to go check, I would know it was the truth, even today. He is a good man. Not many left like him. I am thankful for his friendship. I am also thankful for his longtime girlfriend! She adores him! I hope he marries her!


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