Wonderful Weekend With PES

We enjoyed a wonderful rainy weekend with Peyton, AKA PES. She was so sweet when she came in Friday with Brittney. You could tell that we will always feel like home to her. She had to have some of my homemade biscuits, and then she wanted a bath with her favorite bath bombs, in her old bathroom, which is still the way she left it, same as her room, still her bathroom and bedroom. That made her feel good too. Stability, and having a place to feel home is so vital for children to develop healthily. She told us she wanted us to put her another bed in there for when she comes. We already planned on that, because of course, we let her take her bedroom suit with her. We know she will be back to visit us always. She loves us as much as we love her. It was sweet to hear her say it though. 

We had the best time with that sweet baby this weekend. We didn’t do much because it rained so much, but we spent lots of quality time together talking and being together. We watched one of my favorite movies, Fried Green Tomatoes. She had never seen it, and she loved it. She snuggled up to me in our bed both nights watching television together. I fell asleep one night holding her sweet little hand. We ate at two of her favorite places, and even got her favorite dessert, Starbucks. She painted her toenails with my new polish that she loved. I gave them to her. She also fell in love with my Birkenstocks. I knew she would, because my sister told me she asked for some a while back. Can you guess what I did? Yes, she got those too. 

She talked about going in to the military and becoming a doctor. I know one thing is for sure. She is going to do something big, just wait and see. She will make a difference and leave her mark while here. That feels good as her auntie. She also told me that she was thankful for our neighbors in that they brought her family back together. She has such a positive way of looking at things, and I am so glad. 

Peyton will always be Sissy and uncle Barry’s little buddy! ❤️

She will be back in a few weeks. 


My Simple Things

I was getting ready this morning and used the last of my deodorant. I needed more for today. Friday, I sent Barry a text while he was out, and asked him to pick up a couple of things at the Dollar Store for us. Deodorant was not one of them. He took it upon himself to get my deodorant, because he remembered me saying I needed to add it to the weekly list next time. Not only did he remember that I needed some soon, even though it was not included in my text, he knows what I wear. He knows me as much as I know me and that feels wonderful. 

These are my simple things that mean so much to me. These are the things that say I love you to me. He tells me he loves me, but honestly, he never has to again. I know he does by his behavior, and it has been consistent for 14 years now. 

Deodorant. Such a simple thing. 

This Spells Love

Yesterday, I took out steaks to marinate for dinner. I am completely grossed out by meat, and really consider being a vegetarian. I walked away cleaning up my mess for not long, and came back to this, steaks already poked with holes ready to be marinated. I love how my husband loves me! It takes so much to run a household, and he helps me run ours so much! ❤️

Being Brittney’s Mom

I love my daughter so much! Being Brittney’s Mom made me work hard to be better and better. I am so thankful God chose me to develop her in to an adult. I always prayed for God to allow me to at least be here long enough to raise her, because I knew nobody else would instill in her the things I wanted instilled in her. I am thankful for our life. I was always front and center in her life. I was able to pick her up from school since the fourth grade, work from home, or even take her to work with me. It was the most joy in my life being Brittney’s Mom. 

I love you so much more, my Brittney Danielle Norman! ❤️

People are Mean

People can say what they want, run to church and plaster religious scripture everywhere, but what it comes down to is simple. How you treat other people, and what do you give away. Not necessarily monetary either. Rudeness and thinking you are above someone is not love, nor a good person. I see so many things on Facebook, people being so rude and mean. We wonder why our world is full of mean kids. They watch their parents being ugly to others. I cannot imagine lashing out at someone who shared a personal story publicly. I cannot imagine harming them any more than they have already been harmed. I would try my best to give them a piece of the good that still does exist in the world. I cannot imagine telling someone to shut their mouth, that they offend me by posting “dirty laundry” on FB. Why does it bother you so much what another posts? Don’t read it. Delete the person. You clearly do not care about the person. I cannot imagine being such a shitty person that I had to take the time to post a status complaining about a person’s post, rather than have the backbone to delete a person. People are mean. People suck. They preach church, religion, love, blah, blah bullshit, but they are mean to the broken spirited. When I face God, I will feel good about the way I treated others here.

New Hair Color

For all of my friends who color their own hair, I found a new brand at Sally’s last week, and I love it! There is no smell of awful hair color lingering, the mess was so minimal and did not stain like typical reds do, and my hair is as soft and smooth as a baby’s butt. It certainly does not feel colored. The color says you can use 20, 30, or 40 volume peroxide. I used 20 volume, but it recommends 40 volume. Next time, I will try that to see. It took two for my length of hair. Don’t mind the sweatiness. Just woke up, having our morning coffee outside on the patio, and it is so humid! #HAIRSTYLISTSDAUGHTER