Me, 2001. I have done a lot of work on myself since then. 


Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday in Oxford, GA. Check out these rotten babies! We took our sofa to the storage room, and gave the living room to the dogs. Haha! We never use it anyway! They have a twin bed with an egg crate on it, with covers like ours. They love it! A remake of our bed. šŸ™‚ 
We have had a productive morning. This afternoon will be lazy listening to the wonderful sound of rain.


My beautiful daughter today out shopping with my mom. The nurse of our family. Barry said, “Isn’t it nice to have two licensed professionals in your family.” Now that I think of it though, we have three. My mom has her cosmetology license. It is nice, especially in my own child that I developed. I was so scared I would mess her up! I didn’t though. She is her Momma made over too, always well put together, and organized. My daughter’s credentials, BSN, RN. It feels good as her mom! She truly has the world at her fingertips. ā¤ļø


My neighbor is obsessed with me. Within 20 minutes of my post yesterday about her cat, she was home from work. She stalks my blog constantly. When the afternoon came, I heard the people who live behind us and my neighbor loudly trying to provoke me. The man behind us said, “She better not sit over there and run her fucking mouth to me.” I don’t run my mouth. They do. They do not even know us, but since day one, and I have all my records and recordings, they have disregarded us and harassed us at all hours of the night. The man’s wife made sure to yell and tell someone to beware of the trap in my yard, and then they were all talking about how they would shoot a mother fucker and hurt a mother fucker who trapped their animals. I will be telling the officer this today from animal control and the police. Best bet, instead of continuing to be bullying dicks, keep your animals in your yard. As for the wife, she best lay low, or I will call her probation officer. You all have fucked with me enough and it is your own fault. I am making a police report today for the comments I heard last night, and you all best stay the fuck away from my property, and your animals. I don’t care what any of you coward rednecks do, but leave me alone. My house is being set up with cameras all the way around so make sure you know, everything you all do, all the way around my fence, yard and house will be recording 24/7, to include voice recording. The next problem I have with any of you bullies, I promise you, all of you will be in court and served by my lawyer. Also, the dog who barks constantly, that violates a nusance law. Control your dog and put her up when you leave so she doesn’t bark all night. my videos will prove everything I say here. Also, when horses walk through the neighborhood, pick up their shit or you will have a visit too. It is against the law to leave shit on the street from your horses. I am recording at all times, so beware. 

Have a nice day, and love your neighbor! āœŒšŸ»

The Decision

I made the decision today that I will not be attending my daughter’s college graduation at the end of the month. It is an extremely difficult decision, one that comes with much thought, consideration, forgiveness, and prayer. My daughter’s father, his wife, and their kids treat me like a nobody. They pretend I do not, nor did I ever exist. Nobody puts a stop to that, after almost 23 years. They will be there. Also, my daughter’s fiancĆ© will be there, who has no use, or respect for me whatsoever. He has not seen, or spoken to me since 10/2015. I do not accept that, and I am not going to act like buddies that day. Her Nannie will be there too, whom I was good to, and saw as my own mother, since age 16. I thought she truly loved me. She spit me out like nothing in 2015. I felt so stupid to have thought she really loved me. I have never had loyalty and love. Not really. From Barry, sure, but he fell short there too. The loyalty part. 

I worked hard to make sure my only child accomplished her goals, and to be a good person. Everyone else gets the benefit of nothing. They did absolutely nothing to ensure this happened. 

Any who made my momma feel like shit, like she did not even exist, after she raised me as good as I did my daughter, I would have been told them all to get fucked sideways. 

I protect me now. I am allowed to do that.